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mojo's BEAR WITH ME day

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mojo's BEAR WITH ME day

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OMG saw most distressin news story this ay em about BEAR near Tunder Bay Ontario, got BIG PLASTIC JAR stuck on his head! Poor bear! Couldn't eat, couldn't drink no water! And they couldn't catch him! O NOES! He had it on his head for proximately TWO WEEKS!

Then tonight mom was driven home from GROCERY STORE and she heard ONTARIO CONSERVATION GUY say that they had FOUND TEH JAR and based on where it was found and its condition (it was v. v. dented and scratched) it had 2 be teh same jar. Also had large clump of BLACK FUR inside. So bear got it off his head.

He will be v. hungry and thirsty after proximately 2 weeks with jar on head! I hope he has a good dinner tonight.

Oh pee ess PUT THE LIDS ON UR JARS when you throws them out or sends em to recyclin. The yummy smell of whatever was in them ATTRACTS ANIMULES!

yrs relievedly,

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