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Mojo's TSK TSK day

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Mojo's TSK TSK day

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Hai my peeps, I am so sorry I has not posted for about 1 + 1/2 months, It has just been so quiet here with summer sunbeams and suchandsuch. I will have interestin information to post soon I promis you. Just to update we is all here and all okay, MomandDad and stupid sister Veronica. We has all been sleepin in summer sunbeams and watchen urban animules like squirrels and pigeons through the windos and OMG! Did I mention teh BIG RACCOONS is back in teh backyard? They sets off teh motion-detector-light on teh bach porch and they is ENORMOUS! Momses they is as big as a dog and twise as dangerous. So we is not to go into teh backyard to ENGAGE them. But we can taunt them through teh windos.

Which I does.


yrs tauntingly,

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