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mojo's POSEUR day

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mojo's POSEUR day

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So this cat Stewie has laid claim to teh title of WORLD'S LONGEST CAT.

He lives in Nevada and is NORWEGIAN cat but it appears nobody has asked him to show papers to prove his legal status in teh US so I guess he has not been apprehended in teh potential commission of no crime of any sort.

I just wants to say this Stewie guy is teh POSEUR. He is no way no how teh WORLD'S LONGEST CAT. I know this intimately because I, Mojo, Commandante en Jefe, am, in fact, teh WORLD'S LONGEST CAT. I knows this because meandDad does "BIG STRETCH" when he stretches me all teh way from his hands to teh floor and my peeps, I am teh LONGEST CAT EVER when this occurs. I would post fotographic evidense but Dad is away tonight in HALIFAX on BUSINESS (although when last heard from he was at TEH SPLIT CROW wech momses is not where business is yousually conducted but it is after all after hours), So I will have to post evidence in future.

As for those Ginniss people who certified his claim? I has it on good authority that they is BEER people and everybody knows that you has to take what people says after a few beers with a big grain of salt. So there.

yrs lengthily,

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