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Mojo's CLOWEY day

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Mojo's CLOWEY day

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So as I mentioned earlier, I met loveliest girl at teh CAT SPA, her name  was CLOWEY and she was beautiful SIMESE cat. She had gorgeous Asian kind of face and BLOO EYES wech I has never seen on a cat. And a fearful symmatry.

We became fast frends and spent entire week that my hapless diplomatic team spent in QBA hanging out and playin with each other because CAT LADY Elaine let us out of our condos every day to play together. She was opposite of MEAN SISTER VERONICA who is no good whatsoever at playen.

She was awesome neat fun and it was teh best vacashun of my life.

Maybe I will ask stupid human staff to axe CAT LADY Elaine when CLOWEY will be at teh cat spa again. I could use another vacashun.

yrs nostalgically,

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