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mojo's BEST WAY TO START 2011 day

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mojo's BEST WAY TO START 2011 day

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HAi EVERYBODY and MERRY CRISSMAS and HAPPY NOO YEAR! I has been too busy to post over teh Holidays it is just such busy time! But I read something today that I has to share with you about 1 lost kitten getten his FOREVER HOME because Deputy Shawn Keeffe is a SOOPERHERO! 

Read teh story for urselfs about how brave Deputy heard cry of one small orange kitten from his squad car and bein teh SOOPERHERO he is, he stopped to see if any creeture needed assistance. And how teh ensuin crazy chase involved 2 squad cars and 4 Deputy SOOPERHEROES tryin to save scared kitten.

And then read the very best part - how teh kitten found his forever home with you'll never guess who. When she saw teh photo accompanyin teh story my Momsed "O boi Mojo, if Deputy Shawn Keeffe is single now he will not be for long."

HAPPY NOO YEAR EVERYONE here's hopin that in 2011 every cat finds his FOREVER HOME!

yrs optimistically,
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