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You know I have told you that things often hapen to me all of a suden. Well even wen things are kind of expected they can still be pretty excitin!

On Saterday momanddad went to breakfast like always. Around 2 pm they came home with a great big ginormous huge white plastek-rapped object and brought it right into the howse!

Ronnie imediately began investigaten it.

I also began investegaten it from a very strategic viewpoint wich allowed me to, um, determine any long-distance effect of the large and slightly alarmeng object.

(Excuse the qwality of the photos - mom was taken them on her cellphone.)

Well when they peeled off the plastek wrappin SURPRISE it was the CHRISTMAS TREE for this year! 

Of course first order of business is to inspect the tree for the always-anticiipated squirel or owl. So here is me and dad inspectin the tree for owels. Sadly no owels or sqwerels this year either. Maybe next year.

After inspecten the tree for owels and waterin it, momanddad put beautiful lites all over it and hung all our decorashuns wich we have gotten over our many years together, and even from long before I was born. (See that crocheted snowflake? My dad's great grand-mere made that manymany years ago.) And they put them all on the tree and dad put the angel on top and we turned off all the other lites and just looked at it..

 Isn't it beautiful?

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