iam_mojo (iam_mojo) wrote,

mojo's deciden day

Well friends I am still maken up my mind about this Cuba thing, I must say the Black Freighter's comments have been extreemely helpful in helpin me figure out this thing and I am leanen pretty strongly in one direction which I will keep close to my white tuxedo-cat chest for the moment.

Mom told me that friday is the very last day when we must go, those of us who are goen on family trip to Cuba, to get shots at clinic for malaria, tuberculosis, gangrene, beri-beri, itchin disease, and bubonic plague. Also we have to get our individualized African Killer Bee Epi-Pens and our cobra anti-venom, wech surprised me 'cause I thought Dad would never go to no place with snakes EVER, but mom said the thing is, snakes is the least of the issues.

So I gotta make a decishen by Friday for sure whether I will go or not and I will certainly sleep on it, heck sleep is all I do so I got I don't know, a couple hundred hours between now and Friday to make a final decishen. I will keep you, my loyal readers, in the loop on big final decishen!


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