January 22nd, 2007

mojo's prank day


Hee hee hee, this is not a pitcher of my sister ronnie but it is so identical to her nobody will bleeve that. I can't wait until she sees it.

Humph. She will probably smk me for noreason.

I got it from the best site on the web, cuteoverload.com. Now I know what you are thinken, mojo why on earth arent you there feetured on the front page? Well mom ses she will send in a pitcher that she took of me wen I was a tiny baby maybe they will publish it. I will let you know! After all I am the cutest cat in canada, possibly the world.

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Well, I was extremely empressed to get the followin comment on the blog recently.


What is this "snowen" of which you talk? What is this "work", too?

U kanuk tuxedos R strange.

Black Freighter

All u cats out there will imediately recognize the aboveforementioned name. Oolie, a.k.a. The Black Freighter (pictured at left) is a legend among cats.  23 pounds of pure tuxedo masculinety. He lives in the magical land of Californya on a magickal ranch with many other cats and dogs and chickens (wech, for some reason, he never eats, I dont get it) and people. Probably other animals too I don't even know about.

Well, Freighter, I am very honored you stopped by the blog of one small canadian cat. Snow is a wonderful substance wich is made by a scientific process. Which I understand compleetley and can explain at length. But hey wat is this, Doctor David Suzuki's blog? Lets just say it is wite. And wet. Wite and wet. And slipery. I hope that explains everything in great detail to your satesfaction.

As for work, i know Californya is some kind of hippie commune paradise were everybody lies around all day smoken pot and eaten macrobiotic food, or so mom tells me, but here in canada we are just honest hardworken people who have to pay our bills and our exorbient taxes to the pinko communist socialist system what we got here. So everyone in this howse works, momworks, dadworks, (I suppose ronnie works as well but as i've never seen her do nothen useful I desided to ignore her work), and me I work from home. I have many importent tasks i acomplesh each day. These include flattenin the lint on the red blanket on the bed; keepen the rug in the bathroom flat; contributin to a fine layer of protective hair on the sofa; protecten the house from Jehovehs Wetnesses; keepen an eye on the rich neybours we are a little suspishus about; smking ronnie to keep her in line; etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I have also been known, in dramatic circumstanses, to consume random shoelaces, which could have tripped family members and killed them via broken necks. 

For these tasks i earn somethen called "wages", wich come in chicken and tuna flavors. 

Its a hardscrabble life for a small cat I tell you what. Maybe I could come live in Californya on the coommune with the chickens and dogs and you?

Pee Ess you will notise the musical selection I am listenen to right now as I think about that is Californya Dreemin, well thats by the Mamas and Papas you might know, and Denny Doherty who is from right next door in Nova Scotia sings lead on that. And he just past away a few days ago. But the nice thing is, his music? We still got that, forever.

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