January 25th, 2007

mojos treeday

Holy smokes once again totally unexpected events rock my world! what a weird day Mom got up way too early and went to work she had Big Presentation at Breakfast Meeten. Stupid humans gotta ruin everything by worken, even eatin!!! Anyway she was gone way before 8 am. But then before Dad even went to work you will never guess wat, more BIG TRUCKS and FLASHEN LITES and MEN IN CONSTRUCTION HELMETS! Only this time they wasn't here to give us gas, they started crawlin up the big tree that's next to the sidewalk and that grows right outside momanddad's bedroom windo!

I said "O my god dad they are not goin to cut down our tree are they?" and he said "Qwit your bawlin there Mojo they are just prunen the big tree so it doesnt get tangled in the power lines that is why we can have all these big trees there in the hart of the city because Fredericton Parks Service is world renowned for urban tree care". I said "Wow I did not know that" and then I sat in the windo and very carefully supervised them wile they pruned the branches closest to the power lines. I was very helpful also yellin out "YOU MISSED ONE! HEY GET THAT ONE ABOVE YOUR GLOVE!" and simelar helpful frases. I got a number of intense looks wech I interpreted to mean "Thank you small local cat who knows this tree better than anyone".

I polla jize for not haven pitchers, it all hapened so fast I didn't get any also I think I told ronnie to get pitchers and insted she ran into the bathroom at the back of the house to avoid the noise of the trucks and saws so it is really her fault. I better go smk her so she doesn't forget next time.

So we got happy tree all pruned for another while. and a big shout out to the Fredericton tree guys who are world renowned for best practeses in urban green spaces so dad says. 

Gotta go smk ronnie!

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