January 29th, 2007


Well dam dam dam just wen I thought things were on the upsweng, what with Oolie the Black Freighter tellen me about notworken, my mom forwards me this emaili she got from Miko the dog (he can't help it, he was born a dog). Observ:

OK cats...here's the end of the debate about worrrking.

Do any of you get this kind of treatment from your moms and dads?

  Or this?

All I have to do is keep away the garbage truck, snowmobiles, people walking down the street, squirls, birds and people who ring doorbells (unless of course they bring treats). This can all be accomplished by yelling about the problem at the top of my lungs until either the offending thing has gone away, or until Mom and Dad are aware of the problem and let me know it's OK to be quiet.  I usually like to follow that up by saying "I'M BEING QUIET NOW!" Of course, that must be said at the top of one's lungs too so that there is no confusion. 

 Really, how do you guys get by with just that little bit of noise you make?

Anyway, the main point is that being useful should be it's own reward, but I wont insult your little kitty intelligences, being useful is good for getting pizza and cake.

Well I hardly have to tell you how humileatin this is. First he was driven before I was, then I got to drive too. Now stupid dog eaten pizza and birthday cake wile I am stuck with sameol sameol kibble every day. And... is that a DAQUIRI next to the cake? Miko's drinken DAQUIRIS????????????????????

And i am worken! At least da Freighter isn't worken and he is eaten, but I guess it is not birthday cake and pizza! I am worken at home AND eaten kibble and kibble only!

Of cours it is TOADALLY UNACCEPTABLE and I have told momanddad to get on the birthday cake and pizza emergency respons project right away! No more mister nice mojo! That dog is not goin to get the best of me!

Not if it kills me!


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