February 7th, 2007

mojos electrical day

Well big doins in our house today folks dad came home lunchtime like he yousually does but today there was STRANGE MAN with him! Dad said that he was a lick lectrishun electrician (thanks, mom) and he was here to give us estimate. 

I assumed it was an estimate of my worth for insurance purposes (estimated as I am irreplaceable) but to my surprise it was not. It was a estimate to do some lectrical work for us like putten new porch lite in and putten lectrical outlets outside for wen dad runs the lawn mower and suchandsuch. 

I was extremely curious and supervised the whole operashun very closely wich I know everyone appreshiated.

Ronnie as yoosual was less helpful and not as much appreshiated.

Wow if the estimates are this much fun imagine how much fun it will be wen they do the work!


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