February 9th, 2007

mojos blue-collar day

Well the lectrician's' estimate musta been pretty close to accurate* as he came back yesterday for toadally exciten day of lectrical installation!

Like all good tradesmen these guys (there were two. Two!) had a van with a logo on it. You gotta love tradespeeple with vans with logos! You just know there's a ladder in the back, don't you?

Well you know me I am a man's man and I love guys in overalls and boots doen physical labour and trades around the house, it makes me feel all masculen and part of the team so it was pretty big day for me. I didn't help out too much as dad suggested it would be a good way for one small cat to get electrickuted. so I mostly took pitchers and blurted out helpful instructions and tips like "watch out for that bare wire over there HEY did you see the bare wire over there?" and so on.

Not only did they have a van with a logo (and probably a ladder in the back) they had power tools! This is a pitcher of lectrician drillen a hole in the wall with a big super humungous profesional-type drill!

You could practically smell the testoasterone!

Well with that massive drill he made holes in all the uprites in the new porch to run big fat wire through em, before dad puts the drywall up later on. (We are goen to insulate and finish the porch and make little tropical paradise out there were we will sit behind all those new insulated windos and drink margaritas and lissen to Jimmy Buffet wile blizzards rage outside. At least dad says that is the plan.)

So allinall very exciten day. We now got porch lite on new porch, 2 lectrical outlets inside new porch, lectrical outlet for outdoors wen dad mows the lawn (wen I don't want to be NO WHERE AROUND), and also new lite over the ol' back porch cause that one was old and needed fixen. Very exciten developments in 140 year old house.

And for one small cat.

Mom says I will sleep tonite. Don't know wat she means but now that she menshuns it I am pretty sleepy. think I will smk ronnie then go to bed...


*I am guessin he was estimaten how much money dad was willin to spend on the job.
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