February 19th, 2007

mojo's q*bert day

Well that was a pretty good weekend I guess. Momanddad went shoppen on Saturday. Dad took care of Nan and Haven on Sunday but Mom didn't do nothin so me an ronnie helped her.

Momanddad was talken Friday night and looken at books and broshures and I heard them talken and if I am correct in getten the jist of it we may all be goen to q*bert. Now that is mysterious to me because as we all know q*bert is a video game popular in the nineteen eighties wech mom used to enjoy playen in fact she still does sometimes wich is how I am familiar with it. So maybe we are all goen to visit a pyramid of horizontal surfaces where we will all jump around diagonally. That doesn't sound like much of an outing if you ask me, also even more mysteriously if we go to q*bert we will have to try to avoid snakes and other enemies.  And my dad HATES SNAKES so why he would volunteer for such a trip is the biggest mystery of all. Nevertheless they are talken as if this is something they are really looken forward to. 

They have not said a word to Ronnie or me yet so I don't know if I am sposed to pack or when we are goen or anything. Very mysterious indeed.


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