February 21st, 2007

mojo's exciten police day

Well you are never goin to bleeve this, yesterday mom came home from work and she said Mojo why are there police standin right outside our dinen room window and in the yard next door? And I said, huh? (As I was asleep naturally.) She said what's wrong with you are you unaware that there are police all over the nayborhood and some guy in a house around the corner yellen his head off?

Well I was completely unaware as it turned out but there was no denyin she was right, there was genuine Fredericton City Police Offiser standin right outside the dinen room window were the pointsetta plant momsfriend Robin gave her sits. And there was another one at the far corner of the house and wen we went upstares to the bathroom windo we saw police car and two more police offisers at house around the corner, and heard somepoorguy in a house yellen his head off. Mom sed it was probably wat is called a domestec dispute and "you gotta love liven downtown mojo never a dull moment". After awile the police offisers took somepoorguy away, by then he wasn't yellen. Police car went away and everything back to normal in the old neyborhood. 

Exciten, huh?

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