February 27th, 2007

mojo's definite q*bert day

Well big day yesterday I tell you what. I still don't know for sure what's goin on but momanddad spent ages and ages sitten up in bed talken and it seems dad has defenitely booked the trip to q*bert! They were very happy and 'sited and talken about what we will take and what we can take and what we will need to visit q*bert. 

Mom sed sunscreen and dad sed adapter for moms battery charger for her hearin' machine, and nobody was talken about what the cats will take at all. How the heck am I sposed to know wat to pack if I don't know where q*bert is or wen we are goen? I said over and over "where is q*bert? when are we goen? wat do I need to bring? do we have to bring Ronnie?" and mom finally sed, "O mojo what on earth are you so agitated about? Come here and get a cuddle" and then I forgot what I was asken about.

Where is q*bert? When are we goen? Wat do I need to bring? I will keep investegaten until I turn up some solid 411, I tell you what.


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