March 6th, 2007

mojos momsback day

Well you may have noticed I have not posted for a longtime, that is because I had big job on my paws. On Thursday mom DISAPEARED taken her SUITCASE with her. I HATE HATE HATE it when momordad take their suitcases with them, it means they are gone for LONGTIME even over night!

Sure enough on Thursday she did not come home from work she did not come home from NOWHERE and me and ronnie and dad was left ALL ALONE. I thought "I wonder if she went to q*bert?" but then I remembered that dad said he was defenetely going to q*bert too and he was still home.

Well on FRIDAY mom still wasn't back! Poor dad ronnie and I had to crawl all over him in the bigbed as he had no mom there. Also we had to take special care of him all through FRIDAY and SATERDAY and SUNDAY because mom still wasn't home! This meant followen him everywhere he went and trying to walk between his feet and lyin on him when he was lying or sitten. And sitting on the keyboard when he used the computer and so on and so forth.

Then dad left the house in the middle of the night on Sunday! Ronnie and me couldn't figger out were on earth he was goin in the car middle of the night on Sunday. He never does that. We waited and waited.

"Maybe he's gone for good too!" I said. "Maybe he's never comin back! What are we going to do here all alone! Whose gonna feed us???"

"Oh, do stop being such a craven milquetoast, cat," ronnie sed before puttin her head down and goin to sleep. Whatever the hell that means. So I smked her for usin big words. Stupid cat thinks she's freaking Pee Gee Wodehouse.

But i shouldn't a worried cause a wile later dad came back with MOM also! He sed he had picked her up at airport! She told us she was in Tronno! She smelled so weird and strange! And she told us all about big tower right over her hotel were big pieces of ice was fallen down and smashen cars! Even ronnie was spelbound.

She told us there was no kitties in the hotel in Tronno wich sounds like big rip-off if you ask me. So she sed she was very glad to be back home in our house with her kitties and dad. And it was real late so we all went to bed and me and ronnie both slept on top of mom, just in case she got any ideas about disappearen again.

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