March 10th, 2007

Mojo's judishal day

Well it is about time that cats had apropriate representashun in the judishiary in this country so I was very pleased to read on frog lady's blog that Prime Minister Steeven Harper who fosters kitties along with his lovely wife Laureen appointed a cat to the Supreme Court of Canada.

I toadally approve of this gesture of recognition to the contributions of the Cat-Canadian community and our need for representashun when important desicions are bein made at the highest levels of power. Also a dog would drool all over the pretty red robe so a Cat-Canadian was obviously the right choice. Once again evidence of why the Tories have the Cat-Canadian vote in this house all wrapped up. Half of it anyway.

PS I look forward to the day when i can get my offishul portrait done in my own academic or judishal robes. It is surely only a matter of time.