March 17th, 2007

mojos cuba day

Well well well I got a education today I tell you what.

Today is Saterday and MomandDad went shoppen as they often do. And as yousual when they got home I got right in the middle of the bag unpackin to see if there might be any treats or toys suitable for one small black and white cat.

So they started unpacken and there was no treats or toys but there was a lot of very unusual and suspicious stuff. For example mom had flip-flops. In NEW BRUNSWICK? IN MARCH? We had a snowstorm last nite and she is goen to walk around in flippy floppy thongs?! Also mom had shorts. And Dad had swimmen trunks. And disposible underwater cameras. It's kinda cold to be swimmen here right now and there's nothin to photograph in a swimmen pool. I gave both of them very suspicious glares and asked them what exactly was goen on?
Well then MomandDad sat down and we had a little chat. It turns out there is a trip in the future but it is not to a place called q*bert, which is kind of a relief. It is to a place named cuba, whech according to MomandDad is located roughly around here.

I do not know exactly were thisis but MomandDad said that I was completely welcome to come along

 Then they told me a little more about cuba and it turns out that it is an island in another part of the world where they are goen for their tenth anniversary special holiday adventure trip. 

It is going to be an adventure trip because apparently in cuba there is quite a lot of wildlife and wilderness. 

For example, there is bears (photo of a cuban bear mom showed me on internet =>) 


Also there is wolves (picture of a wolf from cuba wech Dad found me from the internet <=)  and quicksand. Also there is poison ivy.

And strangler vines. 

Oh! And a volcano.

And earthquakes now and then.

Uh, this is where they'll be stayen, apparently =>

There is a beach, however, mom sed, wech sounded intriguing until she mentioned the giant squid who often fight with the sperm whales at high noon.

Well it certainly sounds like some big adventure and I am most... certainly up for it.

Yup, always up for an adventure. That's me. No hesitashun at all.

 I did ask her however who would protect the howse from Jehovah's Wetnesses and she did not seem to have an anser for that.

Also apparently Veronica is not goen so I mean that is like leaven a deafblind two week old mentally challenged crippled sloth here alone by herself. Or a amoeba,say.

So, as second man of the house, I may have to, um, think about this before commiten defenetely.

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