March 22nd, 2007

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Well, friends and readers, tomorro is the very last day when those of us who are goen on family trip to Cuba must go to get shots at clinic for malaria, tuberculosis, gangrene, beri-beri, itchin disease, and bubonic plague (by the way if you didn't know "shots" are hypodermic needles which seem to upset humans veryvery much but when i go to the vet I never even notise at all and Mom ses Veronica doesn't notise them either, that is silly human woundup problem that animals dont have). Also we have to get our individualized African Killer Bee Epi-Pens and our cobra anti-venom.

Mom ses I better make up my mind by 4:thirty pee em local time because that is final cutoff point!

I am thinkin as hard as I can about this and sleepen on it a lot. I wonder if Miko has ever gone to Cuba. If so, his input would be very helpful right now even though he is a dog (he can't help it, he was born a dog).

How long do you s'pose one of them giant squids is, anyway? Like, could the tenticles reach right into the hotel room?

Of course, these are not the things that obsess me right now. I am toadally cool about the cuba adventure.

But I must be concerned about:

- Who will protect the house from Jehovah's Wetnesses?

- Who will take care of Veronica, stupid weird mentally delayed fat cat who is not goen?

- What if Ant Cynthia comes to take care of me and Veronica and I am not here? And there is only stupid Veronica? The disapointment could KILL HER!

So I got lot more to think about whew!

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