March 23rd, 2007

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Dear friends and readers,

Well as you know today was D-day for maken final decision on whether I would take MomandDad's invitation to join them on their trip to Cuba. I have thought long and hard about all the factors involved. While Cuba sounds interesten and toadally fascinaten, and I am not the tiniest, teeniest, littlest bit hesitant about goen there, there is other important factors to consider, like who will take care of house while they are away (I am second-in-command Man of House) and also who will make sure Veronica doesn't trip over her own girth and break her neck while stayen home alone. Also someone needs to make sure Veronica doesn't throw drunken orgiastic house parties while MomandDad is away. And then there is the acute disapointment Ant Cynthia will feel if she comes to visit house cats and there is only stupid fat Veronica and no cute, engaging Mojo.

Black Freighter weighed in with some good Big Cousinly advise which I took very seriously suggesten as Second-in Command Man of House I had to step up to the plate so to speak, also my friend Miko the dog (he can't help it, he was born a dog), who turns out to be impressively well-traveled, had some piercing insight about how Mom had not mentioned no toys in Cuba, nor had she mentioned no tracktors to drive. Nor not even any squirrrrels to chase, only bears, wolves, giant squid, sperm whales, killer African bees and cobras. But no squirels.

Therefore, after much consideration, I regret to announce that due to my duties as Alpha ManCat of the House, and for no other reason, I will not be joinen MomandDad on their upcomen trip to Cuba. I hope everyone appreciates what a marter I am in all of this and how much I am sufferen for the good of my family.

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