March 31st, 2007

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Well I want to thank everyone (that is, The Black Freighter, Miko the dog [he can't help it he was born a dog], my cousin Spike, Milli in Manitoepaw, and M.E. in D.C. who myMom says is very cool lady who I should be happy reads my blog - and anybody else I missed) who offered advise in comments or email, and supported, reinforsed and overall praised my selfless decision to stay home and take care of the house and my fat cranky slightly mentally challenged sister Veronica while MomandDad go to Cuba. 

I know I am quite the martyr and it is nice to see everyone recognizes how HardDoneBy I am.

I am not sure when excactly they are goen but gosh they are spenden money like they're gonna change the currency tomorrow.  (Which apparently they might in Cuba anytime at all. 'Parently, it's that kinda place.) Bathen suits and books and guides and all kinda weird silicone swimmen gear (I can't BLEEVE they are goen swimmen with the giant squid and the sperm whales! but nevermind).

Anyway all I know is Mom was so stressed out last week it was apparently fish tail fiscal year end and she was goin crazy. But today she was in RealGoodMood and she said fish tail fiscal year end is over now and she is looken forward to goen to Cuba.