April 4th, 2007

mojo's busted! day

Well that sneaky Veronica i knew she was up to somethen she has been even more fur-tive than usual. Well today she forgot to log out of the computer before goin to the litter box and I just happened to be walken by and just happened to axidentally open up Micro Soft Word and axsidentally opened up the list of recent documents and LOOK what that cat has been up to!!!

Curriculum Vitae
Foot of the Bed
MomandDadsHouse, Fredericton

School of Hard Knocks
March 1997 – September 1997
Side of Road Campus, New Maryland
Fredericton SPCA Campus, Fredericton
  • B.A., Survival
    • Major: Staying Alive
    • Minors: Eating, Finding Shelter
School of Life
September 1997 – Present
MomandDads House Campus, Fredericton
Occasional Field Trips
· B.A. Being Real Smart
o Major: Working the System
o Minors: Sleeping, Eating

September 1997 – Present
Independent Contractor, MomandDad’s House
· Lying on stuff
· Sleeping
· Patrolling for snakes
· Cuddling
· Vacuuming up food bits that hit the floor

Core Competencies:
· Looking disapproving
· Cuddling (Dual competency: can cuddle above, or under, bedcovers)
· Rearranging litter box attractively
· “Covering up” after others

Special Competencies:
· Walking on harness
· Smelling food from vast distances
· Getting along with extremely difficult co-workers
· Working under near-unbearable conditions

  • Licking self
  • Staring at spot on ceiling
  • Sleeping
  • Riding in car
Volunteer Work:

 Oho who thinks she's a clever girl then? MomandDad don't know she is looken for alternate employment although I can't imagine why she would this is practically paradise. She is so toadally busted I am TOADALLY tellen MomandDad when they get home. Veronica is in SO MUCH TROUBLE LOL!

Pee Ess I want to welcome to IamMojo! some caterpillars [edit: that should be centeripedes - mojo] from Washington, Dee Cee, who seem to hav stumbled across our important work here via Miz Mary Ellen. I think, if I am not mis-taken, these caterpillars usually spend their time eaten (as i do!), only they eat things like cherry trees and cherry blossoms and stuff, and as far as I can tell (with reporting from Mom) that would be (when ripe) sum sweet. Anyway, I hav not previously had caterpillars as guests but feel mucho privelegio (my parents are tryin to learn spinach spanish) .


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