April 5th, 2007

mojo's notjustmojo day

Well I have been keepen an eye on the prep for this cuba trip pretty closely as you might imagine. MomandDad don't seem to be doin much to ensure they are not eaten, crushed or clawed to death by anything if you ask me. So as yousual it is up to me to do the research and try to find out about where they will be stayen.

My research on internet kinda stalled when one of the first links I turned up was to this picture of Lucky the cat. How lucky Lucky can be to live in such a godforsaken hellhole on earth I do not know, but accorden to the nice lady who took his picture his mom abandoned him just kinda like me and ronnie (well the details are vague) and two niceladies who work at the place MomandDad are goin to visit are taken care of him. In the day he hangs out around the towel hut and in the evening he goes home with one of the nice ladies. So I guess that is darned Lucky given the savage, bloodthirsty wildlife that roam the island. 

I showed mom Lucky's picture and she said you know mojo we are taken some gifts with us for the new friends we make in Cuba in fact there is organization called Not Just Tourists that helps you bring medecin to people in Cuba where it is hard to get. Do you think you would like to send somethen to Lucky? And I said boy howdy would I! We can send him one of the 75 bags, tins and bottles of treats that we got for Christmas from our legions of friends and admirers!

At that point big old Ronnie lifted up her hed and said "Excuse me, you giddy little ragamuffin, there are more like four bags and  those are supposed to last all year. We have no spare rations for mangey alley cats from tin-pot third-world marxist regimes." Well she overplayed her paw because Mom gave her suchalook and said, "Now lissen you, what have we taught you about sharen with those who have less than you? Mojo that is a very nice idea and we will take one of your acumulated bags of christmas-era treats to give to the nice lady who is caren for Lucky."

So I hope my treets make Lucky's day luckier. At Dad's suggestion I have decided to call my new charity undertaking Not Just Mojo. It illustrates that I am much more than just a pretty face and a bouncy butt.

Excuse me now I gotta go smk ronnie for being capitalist pig and enemy of the revolution.

¡Viva Lucky!


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