April 21st, 2007

mojo's momanddad are back day

well well well it takes a mighty big set of paws to keep this place runnen when the old 'rents aren't here I'll tell you what. I will have to blog about that all later because it was pretty exsiten but by the time Thursday rolled around we had the plase looken pretty much like it had before they left, you'd never even know most of it happened. 

Anyway given what I know about Cuba I am pretty relieved that they came back at all. I demanded the whole scoop and to my great surprise Mom told me that they had a pretty good time in spite of the hardships and circumstanses. After a couple of days she got some of her pictures developed and I must say Cuba looks pretty much as I imagened it. I bleeve you will agree that it was merely through sheer good luck and not through careful behaviour that my stupid momanddad got back to Catnada alive at all. You can click on the photos to see bigger vershions. 

Here is a picture of Dad snorkelen under the water:

Here's one of Mom blissfully unaware in the actual resort swimmen pool, showen that you are not safe anywhere in this joint:

And finally another shot of Dad on the beach looken surprisingly happy given the circumstances.

You know they said it was the people in Cuba that made their vacation so special, well all I can say is they must be some dam outstanden people. They're even talken about goen back!

Which reminds me, I'd better order some new dance mix cds on Chapters, for my posse are fickle and must have fresh tunes for busten their moves. 

More about my exciten week in charge later.

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