May 5th, 2007

mojos postal day

As promised here is update on interesten news article which Black Freighter, massive California powerhouse tuxedo cat, sent me yesterday:

Cat too scary for Canadian mail carriers

It is involven Shadow, a cat from Winterpeg Winnipeg, Manitoepaw, who is so scary and frightenen that the Canadian postal service is refusen to deliver the mail to the house! Now that is some impressive cattitude. The Black Freighter says it gave him some respec' for Canadian cats. 

In my expensive extensive research I discovered this Cee Bee Cee article:

Cat makes mail delivery 'unsafe': Canada Post
which has picture of Shadow. so I borrowed it*. He is only half perfect as he is only black, not black and white tuxedo cat like me and Black Freighter.

You know, Manitoepaw is where Milli the cat lives, Milli is all-black cat also, do you suppose Shadow is related to her?

I think I have new goal for rest of year: make Canada Post suspend mail delivery to our house with my mighty fearsomness.


*I axed mom and she muttered somethin under her breath about "my tax dollars" so I took that to mean borrowen it was ok.
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