May 15th, 2007

mojo's BIRTH DAY!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Actually it is not my ofishial birthday as events surrounden that momentus occasion are a little fuzzy instead it is my ADOPTION DAY when I found my OneTrueHome with momanddad.

Here is copy of my adoption papers. Mom said "o my god Mojo, I was wrong you was adopted in 1999, not 1998 so you have only just now been bouncin' through life for 8 consekutiv years!" I always knew I was young at heart now I got documentary evidence to back it up.

To celebrate big occasion and to soothe my envy at Miko the dog (he can't help it he was born a dog) getten birthday cake on his birthday, mom made me special sardine birthday cake. I tried to blow out the candle but then remembered I don't have any lips, so mom helped me with that and then I was allowed to approach sardines for inspection. After which they were put on plate and I enjoyed them very much thank you even though I had to share with stupid sibling veronica whose birthday isn't until September.

But I am generous cat and I also put some sardine in a envelope and put in moms purse to mail to Milli in Manitoepaw and also to Black Freighter in Californya. I don't know if centerpedes like sardines but I also sent some to Washinton just in case. Also of course little bit to be shared by Newfoundland cousins Bonnie and Spike even though ditto I dunno if dogs like them.Keep your noses open for them, you know how humans are, might try to steal 'em right out from under you.

All in all very good day I asked for a big stinky yellow dog for my birthday present and mom looked at me kind of funny but I am sure Black Freighter is right, she will get right on it.

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