May 26th, 2007

mojo's caterday

Happy caterday everybody! I want to start this post with big shout-out to Buster who left most interesten comment on my blog recently about his Big Day:

I had a good day yersterday 'coz mom made the bigbed and I got made into TWO sheets first the bottom then the top! And a monster attacked me through the sheet and I pretty much made short work of it. Puff says it was just mom but girlcats don't understand fabulous boycat heroics.
Well I got to tell you anyday the bigbed gets made up fresh is big deal in a cat's house, and to get made into BOTH sheets top and bottem is pretty impressive feet. As for bedmonsters, do not listen to stupid girl cats everyone knows bedmonsters is real and can only be defeated and made to run away by brave boycats. So way to go Buster!
Anyway I menshuned to you recently that I had birthday, well mom found picture of me when I was very young baby boycat who had little experience at all in the world. O ho what a naive little fellow i was (although already strikingly attractive as you can see). But I was already 'streemly brave as can be seen in this photo by the large piece of fur I am holden in my young-yet-powerful jaws. 

If I recall c'rectly, this fur is from hide of large neighbourhood dog who I ran off when he threatened stupid older but weaker cat Veronica. Momsays it is fur cover from toy mouse which I ripped off and carried around with me for about six months until I finally lost it but I am pretty certain my reckolekshun is the accurate one.
So I thought you would like to see a portrait of the author as a young kitten.

Happy caterday,
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