May 27th, 2007

mojo's GREAT BIG BEE day!

Oh hai everybody I know I only updated yesterday caturday but last night was so exsiten I had to tell you all about it right away!

Well everything was normal for early caturday evenin, mom was on bed surfin the net I was sleep next to her Ronnie was somewhere eaten probably. All of sudden mom saw somethen out of corner of her eye and realized there was GREAT BIG BEE in the bedrm over by the bookshelf! She screemed her head off and ran out of room, I did too (um I mean I ran out of room, I did not screem my head off), 'cause I did not know what was goen on. 

After she slammed bedroom door shut she said "O my god Mojo there is GREAT BIG BEE in room and you know flying insex are mom's phobia!" (It is true she feels about flyin bugs the way dad feels about you-know-whats.) Anyway then she realized that dad would have to rescue us only big problem - dad was out having drink at pub with oldest bestest frend Ant Cynthia and mom'sphone was in her purse on the bed! 

Mom opened the door to see if maybe GREAT BIG BEE was landed on the bookshelf and maybe she could sneak in get purse but no dice, GREAT BIG BEE was flyen behind the television just inside bedrm door! This was first look I got at bee, I would estimate he was about half metre long and maybe weighed five and a half kilos (that would be 'round one and half feet long, and twelve pounds, for you Americats). 'Bout Ronnie's size come to think of it only with wings. And huge ginormous stinger maybe 'nother 1/3 metre long (ruffly one feets Americat ditto).

I said "No worries, mom, just let me in there and I will make short work of him. No problem, hakuna matata peace out." Unfortunately she did not hear my brilliant solution 'cause just then things got even WORSE cause the battery in her magic hearin' machine died, and she was DEAF. And all her other batteries were in bedrm with GREAT BIG BEE! So she couldn't even phone dad from nosy naybor's phone! So she decided since pub is only few blox away, she would go walk fetch dad. And since unfortunately the opposable thums I is workin on developin haven't come in yet I could not open bedrm door myself and take care of bizness.

So after 'bout ten minits mom came back with Dad who was ready to battle feroshus beast. I am not surprised after seein his pictures from Cuba, not much scares my dad 'parently. He went into bedrm with tupprware container and lid in which to capture huge enraged bee. Mom couldn't hear nuthin' still so she was skeerd to death wonderin what was goin on. I heard sounds of mighty battle comen out of bedroom I said "It's cool dad let me in and I will cover you and help you out" but I guess he could not hear me over din of war. Then after about three or four minutes of combat, dad came out of bedroom with GREAT BIG BEE trapped helplessly in tupperwre container boy was it mad! But my dad is a just warrior as well as bein a benevolent dicktator and he took GREAT BIG BEE outside and releesed it.

Mom was so releeved she thanked dad and hugged him and kissed his whole face and then he went back to pub to continue conversashun with Ant Cynthia who must think mom is nuts. I know I do. ANyway it all turned out well in the end as I knew it would when dad the bee slayer took things in hand. He is good dad and good husbnd.


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