June 1st, 2007

mojos plannen day

Ok I has done the research:

Short-term wether forecast for homecity is good, gonna be 23 degrees and mainly sunny on Caterday, also 19 degrees and varible meanen partly sunny on Sunday. Has checked Green Vlage to make sure they will be open. Has checked backyard see definet signs of activety back there. Mysterious large bags from garden center has 'peared etsetera. Has checked calendar threetimes to make sure today is really Friday and last day before weekend, you would be sprised how often I get day wrong. (Again, I put this down to refusal of my repeeted requests for palm pilot but never mind.)

I think this is goen to be first big BACKYARD GARDENEN MAYBE BARBIE QUEING WEEKEND of year since Victoria Day holday weekend was rainy and cold and last weekend wasn't so good also and if I am right then this weekend might be first CATS GOEN OUTDOORS weekend of the year!

In wintertime it is coldwet and nobody goes outside long times at all if they can help it. No cats go out long times AT ALL except for speshul occasions like photos with Santa Claws. When we are carried on our litters with blankies inside, like BastGods of old, and our pawses never touch the ground outdoors obviously DUH!

Summer is different. Mom goes out longtimes worken on her plant thingies and Dad goes out longtimes cooken gigantic slabs of meat on hotgrill and because they go out there for longtimes sometimes they put our harnesses on me and Veronica and take us out in backyard to lie in grass in sunshine with them. It is so nice, there is bees (we are not skeered of them when they is outside) and bugs and flutterbys andsunshine and warm grass to lie on. There are gigantic corkscrews of metal screwed into ground, one for me one for Ronnie, wech our leashes get 'tached to then leashes get 'tached to us. So we can wander around a bit but as Mom sez not far enuf to get into too much trouble.

Bestpart is when birds come to birdfeeder wech is right over where our gigantic metal corkscrew tie things are. You'd think they'd fear our mighty paws & jaws of rath but they pretty much ignore us wech Ronnie and I put down to homestead bein such a peaceable kingdom and not to any lack of feroshusness on our parts. We watches 'em pretty close though.

At end of afternoon Mom unties us first one then the other, she says it is very funny how we very happily walk over to backdoor to go back into house for supper, I tell her that it is like Black Freighter says, we are indoor cats and work from base of operations indoors, much more effective that way. Like humans we wear the veneer of sivilization and enjoy the comforts of the indoor life, but on the weekend there's not much better than a afternoon in the backyard. I will do everything I can to encourage bakcyard activety and will report back with all details later.
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