June 2nd, 2007

mojo's dirt-under-claws day

oh yay way cool it was it WAS first backyard day for cats! 

Mom did sum gardenen work on plants while me and Ronnie strolled thru the Forget-me-nutsnots that bloom all over backyard for little while in spring. Mom told me thiss all started as small package of Forget-me-not seeds she bought from a group raisen money for aids orphans in africa, she just sprinkeled them into corner of garden not thinken they'd do much as the garden is very shady and only tuff plants do good back there, now whole backyard 'splodes into Forget-me-nots for few weeks late spring! That is me standen up to my hansome white chest in Forget-me-nots.

It is amazen how worken in backyard improves everybodys mood so much, while Mom was putten our harnesses on big old Ronnie even licked the top of my whole head, she was in such goodmood.

This is picture of her in backyard sitten amid some greenery and yet more Forget-me-nots. I am starten to understand why you could never forget nobody or nothing you associated with these flowers after you had planted them! Mom says that reminds her she should send some money to that africa aids place.

It was big fun I tell you what, here is action shot of me, as I recall it I was stalkin small white flutterby through flowers, He fluttered by before I could catch 'im, though.

Allinall great afternoon. Before I forget (that's the Forget-me-nots reminden me) moochias gracias to Buster who sent good wishes for getten outdoors today and who also sent most interesten link to some very awesome fotos whech I will blog about tomorrow because they rocked my world (and made my Mom laff so hard) but for now I am exausted kitteh and must go to sleep before my hed falls right on the

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