June 3rd, 2007

mojo's buster day

Well as promesed I want to give big shout-out to Buster who sent me nice comment Friday that included this link to a slideshow of pictures about his big visit to VET with his sister Puff. I hope he will not mind me sharen this on the main blog but since he posted it to comments I figger it will be ok, if not he will tell me and I will delete post and Ronnie will smk me for noreason sooner or later anyway so I will be sootably punished.

Well, while I was looken at highly informational slideshow on Buster & Puff's visit to the VET mom came in and said "mojo what are you looken at there, bud?" (we have agreement that she is alowed to monitor my innernet use at will what with all the dangers lurken on the internet. At least, the innernet uses she knows about) So I showed her and she looked through slideshow and for some reason found this serious documentary hilareously funny. Then at the last picture in the slideshow she clicked on "home" and discovered link to 'nother slideshow "Good Cat Bad Cat". Now I found this one even more fascenaten as it explored heights of creative cat naughtiness that I had never even aspired to. A sort of cat's Anarkists Cookbook, if u will. Mom, on the other hand, found these pictures even more hilarious. what is wrong with that woman? Does she not know the menace that lurks in the form of mojo???

Most important question I got to ask Buster after seeen these Very Impressive Photos is, how you get big bag of plastic styrofoam peanuts???? My parent-apes keep me away from palstic styrofoam peanuts like they are radeoactive kryptonite!!! Pls tell me sekret to getting access to a) big bag of plastic styrofoam peanuts and b) what looks like mother load of plastek bags. My respec' for you has just gone up 10,000%. Oh and bonus points for dumpen your hoomans groomen tools into sink. Brilliant! I shall try this tomorrow at the latest.

Oh and pee ess when looken at these fotos Momsed "Oh ho, so THAT is who it is, I knew I would figger out the clues eventually, altho it was driven me crazy. i am very empressed, altho I should have known given how artickulate and happy her cats seem to be." I don't know whathell she is talken about. As yousual.

Peace out,


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