June 23rd, 2007

mojos wardrobe day


It may not have occurred to you that a small black and white cat as hansome as my self would need any kind of sartorial accoutrement, however I does have a few wardrobe pieces besides trusty old collar that I enjoy wearen time to time just to express my own persunal fashun sense and individuality.

Above you see me loungen around watchen tv in my Bat Boy t-shirt, a personal favorite because wen I am wearen it i feelz like a superhero.

Unfortunately Mom will not let me ware it wen I am not under direck human supervision somethen to do with it bein a safety issue or as mom puts it "good god mojo it's a miracle you've made it this long". So they be stealin' my t-shirt. Now i empathise (like Downyflake taut me) with poor Lolrus.

think I will go smkronnie for noreason in solidarity.

yrs fashionably,

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    Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy (for my shirt)