June 25th, 2007

mojo's rescue day

The FIREFIGHTERS of Parkersburg, West Virginia, is SOOPERHEROES!!!!1!

PARKERSBURG, West Virginia (AP) -- It took two fire trucks, five firefighters, several animal rescuers and about 250 gallons of water to rescue a 2-pound kitten...

...It wasn't until firefighters flushed about 250 gallons of water through the 10- to 12-inch pipe -- enough to wet the kitten's paws -- and the feline rushed into the hands of Firefighter Kevin Siers, who was standing inside a manhole.

"We had about an hour and a half of fun," Siers said Tuesday. "Everybody was pretty tickled" when the cat emerged. 

A visitor to the [Humane Society of Parkersburg] shelter signed adoption papers Tuesday.

Photo: Fire department Capt. Jon Green holds a rescued kitten Monday in Parkersburg, West Virginia.
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