July 3rd, 2007

mojos firefight day

Pardon me for the delay in postin but i had srious duties recently because last weekend was long weekend (meanin monday parents was home from work), wich always reqwires extra mojo monitoring and momanddad maintenance and so on.

Caterday was normal day with momanddad just doin chores and stuff. Dad did take nap in the afternoon though becauz it was cloudy and cool and not great wether.

However on Sunday many unyoosual developments. First thing in the morning momanddad hung CATNADA FLAG in window wich I know means today is CATNADA DAY!  

Wat this means to me in partikular is that many many many many peeples walk past our howse on their way to the downtown region were all the festeveties take place, and so Veronica and i must pose in the windows to be admired and talked to by citizens walken thru nayborhood on way to downtown. 

This is picture of Veronica inspectin Catnadian flag.

I am cat of rather small brane and I remember some stuff about lastyear, wether it be Cristmas or Catnada Day. So i rememberd flag and also the admiring people walkin thru nayborhood. And I remembered momanddad goin out to Catnada Day festeveties and comen home smelllin all like amazing stuff like hot dogz and cheezburgers and poo-teen and beever tales and sno cones and frensh fries and strange dogz and oh my bast so MANY things.

However what I wasnt expecten was the firefight wich erupted latenite Catnada Day wen maybe al kaida --  wech CNN is always talken about -- or mayb talaban wich brave Catnadian soldyers is fighten -- started big FIREFIGHT in downtown area of city weth explozens and kabooms and suchandsuch. Holy crap i was ready to grab a nife from downstares kitchen and go out and defend my country!!! I was extremely brave and ready to fite and not at all hiden under the downstares sofa. Not at all.

Well as it turns out my memery is a little leaky and it wasn't exploshuns from terrrrsts at all. It was FIREWERKS wich i should have remembered from last year, which is more like thunder and less like terrrst attack. So Dad told me wen he got home.

I am sure I will remember nex t year. I hear from good sorces that while Downyflake is also sumwhat... disterbed by firewerks, his sister growls at it. That is one brave cat i tell you wat. Maybe next year i will growl at firewerks too.

or maybe I encourage Veronica to. Just in case.


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