July 12th, 2007

mojo's guest blog day guest blogger: MY MOM!

My mom has impressuv liberry of books about cats, she started researchen cats wen she decided to get first cat big stupid Veronica and now has couple hundred books she estemates of everything from cat stories, cat history, cat mithology, cat health care, et setera et setera. So her hed is qwite full of cat nowledge and cat stories. Qwite often we will spend very cosy moments together wile she tells me and Veronica storiez about our ansestors or our mithology or our cat culture and history. So i axed her if I could tell some of the storiez here and she said well mojo, bud, you could do that but you have to admit you sometimez have a tendensy to get your fax wrong and also your spelling and grammar are unconvenshunal so how about if I share some of this stuff with your faithful readers and you just copy and paste it into your blog? So i sed i reckoned that was a good idea so i hereby present my mom's first guest blog on iam-mojo:


In the very long-ago time, when the Buddha still walked the earth, there was a temple which contained, among other things, a beautiful golden goblet from which the Buddha slaked his thirst.

One day, the temple monk on duty, who had partaken of a little too much of the temple wine and who had become a bit tipsy, wandered off from his duties of watching over the temple and the sacred objects therein.

There happened to be two Siamese temple cats on duty, and they immediately sprung into action.

While one left to find another monk to watch the temple, the other settled down to watch over the Buddha's goblet. She stared at it so carefully, and so watchfully, and so intently, that her eyes became crossed.

When she had watched for as long as she possibly could, and sleep overtook her, she curled her long tail around the stem of the goblet, tightly, twice, to ensure no-one could remove the Buddha's favoured cup while she rested.

When she arose with the arrival of her temple-mate, and another monk, her eyes remained crossed, and her tail had a kink from holding the goblet so tightly.

And that is why the Buddha gave Siamese cats crossed eyes and kinked tails - to commemorate those noble cats who guarded his cup."

kewl huh? my mom sez breeders has mostly elimenated crossed eyes and tale kinks in Simese now and it is considered fault in teh breed. No word on what teh Budda thinks about that.


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