July 13th, 2007

mojos elephant day

Well watchen the news with momanddad in the mornins wile they is getten ready for work (in btwn tryin to slip into the closets wile they is open) is v. educational for one small cat i tell you what.

Imagine how amazed I was to see this story on the news this mornin about two ELEPHANTZ, real live big ELEPHANTZ, who cashually strolled out of their pen last nite wen the 'lectric fence went out and went for a little late-nite constitushinal around Newmarket  town in Ontario!

On teh news they played tape of person callen 9-1-1 ("'mergencies only!" mom ses! "And your sister smking you is not a 'mergency, how will I ever look that ossifer in the eye again?") and you should heer how amazed the 9-1-1 operatur is. I am pretty sure 9-1-1 operatur thought there waz some tastee bevrages involved in that call.

Anyway all's well that ends well as teh Bard said and they is back home now after little adventure. But all I could think was if I saw elephantz walkin down our street, I would report it dutifully to momanddad and I bet I would get no respec' at all on that alert. No sir, no respec' at all.

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