July 31st, 2007

mojo's arboreal day

Well as promised I has a great deal to report on account of having been away from axcess to computers for so long so thanks to mom for maken arrangements for me to get some typen time.

Lets see where to start? How about weekend before last when Momanddad got out their SUITCASES wich I HATE because that means they are goen away and on very few occasions, actually zero, have I gone away with them, instead bein left alone with stupid sister girlcat. However this time interesten development because Ant Cynthia was also away and she did not come and feed us and check our water instead guess who did on Caterday? MIKO'S DAD! It's true, it's the first time we met him. He is very pleasant avuncular fellow, much like Mikos mom herself. Anyway it is always exciten to meet new people when you are an indoor kitty so that was very nice. And in another happy development, mom got so sick while they was away that they came home early and everybody was exactly where they was SUPPOSED to be by Caterday night. Isn't it nice that mom got so sick?

Oh that leads me to the next EXCITEN DEVELOPMENT in our naybourhood. Dad also got sick, same sickness Mom got I guess. I tell them that all that kissing is unsanitary but nobody ever listens to me. And he was so sick he had to stay home from work and he was home on the morning that mom said "Oh boy, Mojo, looks like today's the day, there are safety cones and EKWIPMENT out in the street, today is the day they are CUTTING DOWN THE TREES!"

I couldn't hardly bleeve it, I mean those trees has been on our street FOREVER even before I lived her I bet. The men come twice every year and under my careful direction they trim the branches away from the power lines but mom told me that the trees had gotten too tall and they couldn't trim 'em no more, the trees wasn't safe no more for nobody as they could get ELECTRIFIED!!!1!1!

Well everybody was kind of sad about the trees needen to be cut down but mom says "safety is safety bud" so if it had to be done it was a job for a Foreman like myself to oversee! So I supervised closely the tree cutten operations from under teh bed the window while loudly directen the city tree guys. First they had to cut all the branches away from the top of the trees, first one side of the power lines then the other, then they cut down the big trunks left. Mom came home lunchtime and took picture showen SO MUCH EQUIPMENT in the street! They also had wood chipper right there, they ground the trees up for mulsh right then and there as they cut them! Wat an amazing operashun!!!1!

Mom took me out into porch to watch men worken and I suddenly remembered that I had pressing appointment with litter box. Too bad because I would have liked to direct the worken men from the porch where I could practically touch them they were so close. Mom took stupid girlcat Veronica out there too and she sat right down on the shelf dad made and watched them, then mom said, "okay missy time to go in, i got to get back to work" and picked Veronica up and took her into the house and Veronica jumped out of her arms and ran back to the shelf! And mom said, "no srsly you got to go in now" and picked her up again and Veronica jumped out of her arms AGAIN and ran back to the shelf. 'Parently she found the goens on nearly as fasinatin as I did. Funny for a girlcat who doesn't know nothing about engineering or heavy equipment as I, mojo, do.

Anyhow when they was all done street was TOADALLY NAKED on one side. There is just stumps left now but momsays they is going to plant new trees wich we can watch grow up through our windows. Mom says that will be nice and "when god cuts down a tree he opens a window" whech doesn't make any sense to me but a lot of what she says doesn't anyhow.

So that was toadally exciten day. O, dad is feelen better now wich is good but is back at work wich is bad for one small black and white kitty, but you can't have everything and I do sleep 20 hours a day after all.

peace out,
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