August 8th, 2007

mojo's contractor day

Hai everybody!

I am glad I got axcess to a computer because I have to tell you all about Very Exciten Thing that hapened recently that I didn't get to tell you about because of spotty innernet axcess. It is one of my favorite things in the world a CONTRACTOR GUY came to the house!!1!!

He was awesum guy with teh blue jeans and teh measuren tape and he measured all the windows in the liven room and in the foyey foyay foy yay space inside the front door! And guess what he KNEW my name was Mojo without dad even tellen him! He said "Hai there Mojo" and I was qwite astoneshed. Dad sed he read my name right offa my food container and said hai to me! Isn't that the best contractor ever? I was extremely helpful as he went about measuren windows I said, "Oh, hai, that is where I eats. And that is where I sits. And make sure any new windows is big enough for one small black and white cat to lie on in teh sunny days and watch the world go by!!1! And be admired by passers-by!"

Dad said he was pretty sure that would be taken care of. Hi priority!!1!!

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