August 23rd, 2007

Mojo's Sam day

Well big shout-out to Buttser who enquired as to wether we had got our new WINDOWS yet and by doin so proved that he did not presume I was ded in a ditch somewhere, so poor has mai internet axcess been.

No we do not yet have our new windos but exciting developments continue apace like last week TWO CONTRACKTERS came to house to measure old windos. Dad sez our old house is so old that our new windos will have to be kustom-made to fit as they don't make 'em like they used to. 

Trajically, I was not around for the momentus windo measuren because the contrackters came on teh same day the ladies come to clean the floors every second week and also Dad had to pop home from work mid morning and mom (who was on vacashun) sed "Mojo, it is like GRAN CENTRAL STASHUN down there, you are much better off in teh bedroom on teh Big Bed with teh door closed". So I heard everything but was cruelly barred from witnessen the visit of the contrackters with my own eyes. But I can hardly wait for wen they come and there are NO WINDOS in the front of the house just 3 BIG SQUARE HOLES! It will be a lot of fun to jump right out the holes onto the sidewalk and then jump from the sidewalk back into the house! I am looken forward to that!

Anyway enuf about windos for now because something much more exciten is going on, SAM is staying with us! Sam's mom Ant Cynthia is on cruise mom sez in A Laska on gigantic boat. Mom says it is on the entire other side of world contenent! And she is going to see GLASIERS!!!! And wile she is there my particular hero Sam is staying with us.

This is picture of me gazin at Sam with my lazer eyes on. They are not angry lazer eyes, though, they are intense admiration lazer-eyes. I watches Sam EVERYWHERE he goes and I watch EVERYTHING he does because he is one cool cat. Even stupid Veronica stays in line when Sam is around. Mom says he has calmin influence on family dynamiks especially cat members of household. I am not sure what she means by that but I know I just love havin him around and I'm real happy he's stayen with us. Mom will try to take more pictures until then I'll do my best to work out these innernet axcess issues. Peace out!

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