August 28th, 2007

mojos Sam night and A Laska day

HAI everybody! I just wanted to say hai to every1 out there and post some new pictures of me with SAM who is still staying with us while his mom Ant Cynthia is in A Laska.

Dad took these pictures last nite when he came home. Here I am observin Sam from respectful distance on dinen room table.

But here is what good friends we are, here I am goen right over to his dish to sit beside him while he ate his supper. I even drank some of his water, he doesn't mind 'cause we are BEST BUDS.

Speeken of pictures, Dad sez thanks to the magic of the interweb we can see pictures ONLINE that are taken LIVE by web cams in A Laska! This was one my Mom got off teh web one day around lunchtime, when it is lunchtime here it is very early in A Laska because of time-sones, Mom says, so this is sunrise somewere in A Laska. Isn't it beautiful? No wonder Ant Cynthia wanted to go on cruise to A Laska. Maybe she'll like it so much she'll live there forever and Sam can live with us forever!!!1!!!  Wait, that would mean we would not get to see Ant Cynthia and who would feed us when momanddad run off like irresponseble idiots? I see my plan has a flaw. I will need to think more on this. meanwhile please enjoy pictures of two hansome cats and beautiful sunrise in A Laska.