August 30th, 2007

mojo's crismas catalog day

Hey there everybody I am very pleased to share with you big recent news that SEARS CHRISTMAS WISH BOOK arrived.

Now that may not mean much to you and as mom notes Sears is not zackly bastion of hi fashun but wen mom was a little girl in Momshome, the Sears catalog was only plase to shop for clothes and toys and so the arrival of the fall and winter catalog (school clothes!!1!!) and ESPECIALLY the arrival of the Wish Book (TOYS!!!1!!) then known simply as teh Chrismas Catalog was HUGE EVENTS in her household. She wood look at teh toys for hours and hours wondering wech she should ask Santa Claws for in her letter to him.

Even today she says sears Crismas Wish Book brings her happy memories and she loves getting it because it reminds her Crismas is coming. And we curl up together on teh bed and read it together and I point out things that I hope Santa Claws will bring ME, too.

In fact I almost went into teh spazms of ecstacy wen I saw this item wech is my DREAM BEDROOM wech I always imagined myself ruling over. Don't you think it is perfeck for me? We has three bedrooms in this howse one of wech is family Bigbed, one of wech is dad's recorden studios "cubbyhole studios" and one of wech is storage for twenty millyun model kits and assorted dad things. I think we can empty out teh latter for a bedroom for one small black and white cat and this is exzactly the ensemble with which I would like to decorate my domain.

So I rote on it (as u can see) and I left it on dad's pillo and he said that he had no objecshun watsoever to me getten teh bedroom set in question as long as I was payen for it and I thought uh-oh. That was a curve ball indeed and not exzactly the vision I had had of teh Big Picture. So I would say at teh moment negoshiashuns is stalled. But I am not done yet. As they say in momshome "it's a long road that's got no turns", whech doesn't make any sense 'cause it's a short road that's got no turns not a long one. But mom says it means that you never know wat is going to hapen. So stay tuned maybe Santa Claws can even be called in to come to teh rescue on this one!

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