September 17th, 2007

mojo's quebec liberals day

Well this is most mysterious i must say. I was minden my own bizness surfen teh net and was looken for schedule of Canadian Idol auditions, thinken I might try out this season, wen on teh CTV website this story caut my eye.

Below is a closeup of teh actual headline:

WTF? Who are teh quebec librals and wat do they want with me? I don't remember ever liven in quebec or with no quebec librals so i don't know what they mean by getten me back. Do u think these may be teh people i lived with before I found my onetruehome with momanddad?

Deeply misterious. I will have to ask mom or dad about it wen they get home from work. I can tell u one thing this small black and white cat isn't goen ANYWARE!!!1!

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