September 29th, 2007

mojos spanich day

Oh hai everybodi just a breef update from casa mojo. Teh latest news from here is that momanddad are now taken SPANICH lessons. Parently spanich is teh language they speak in CUBA, place of teh see monsters and volcanos and other terrible, trrble stuff , where my momanddad went early last yeer, presumably to bring assistense and help to the poor, retched creetures who must live there day and nite. And now they says they are GOEN BACK, my god those people are saints for all there flaws, even tho dad showed me a brand new picture of ALLIGATORS in CUBA wech I don't have acksess to on this computer but which I will post later.

But dad says it is GENUINE NOT AT ALL MADE UP picture of real ALLEGATORS in CUBA. And yet they are still goen bakc there and not only that apparently are goen to try to lern there crazy mixt up language so they can better help the locals deal with the sharks and volcanos and wolves and bears and such and such.

I sat on moms spanech notes for awhile but i don't think my butt knows any more spanich yet. I axed  mom to say somethen to me in spanicsh and she said "El gato es loco". Then I asked her what it meant and she said, "Mojo is very clever". So it seems like it will be a good language to lern.

They sure pronounce my name different tho.

yrs lingwistically,

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