October 3rd, 2007

mojos expo day!!!1!!

Well exsiten goins on at casa mojo last weekend as momanddad told me on Sunday they was goen to teh PET EXPO!!!1!!!!11!!!

Natcherally I sed, "Cool mom i will just get my harness and we'll toadally be there!" And mom sed, "Okay, Mojo, you can go, but I would sure hate to see some thing that some small black and white cat wood like to have for CHRISTMAS PRESENT but we coodn't get it because he was RIGHT THERE with us."

And I sed, "Upon second thot and thinken it thru qwite carefully I think i will let you and dad chek out teh PET EXPO by yrslvs, what with Christmas just around The Corner."

I told her "GET LOTS OF PICTURES so I can blog about it!" and she did and here sum are.

She sed there was dog racing goen on, specshul trained dog racen where the dogs were released on a command, then they jump over teh hurdles, they have to touch a ball at the end of teh course, then turn quickasaflash and race back over teh hurdles to teh starten point. Dad sed teh dogs ran faster than any dog he can ever remember seein, they hardly luked like they was touchen teh ground ever! They was so fast mom coodn't get shot of them with her camera proper-like, u can just see teh black blur! (In this pitcher, teh red arrows is poiten at teh black blur dogs. U may have 2 click to see it bigger & better.)

Even up close they is just teh black blur!!!1

Not to imply that i was imprest with dogs or nuthin. Momanddad sed there was lots of dogz there ackshully so they is not getten nuthin that was there for Christmas or Hanukah or diwali or nuthin, HA HA!

Like this really cool CAT COCONUT TREE. Iz this cool or wat? It wood be like goen to Cuba but with no alegators or sharks or sea monsters or volcanos or bears or wolvs!!! Just teh COCONUT TREE to sleep under.


But az I was sayen it was busy plase and there was even stupid dog gettin his hare cut and peeple standen around watchen him get his hare cut. WTF??? I dont invite peeple in to watch me get my clawz trimmed nor do I send out teh engraved invetations for peeple to watch me cleen my netherbits (although I also don't object to an admiren audience) and I has never herd of people standen around watchen stoopy dogs getten comed or there hare cut.

In fact there was even a booth called DIRTY DOGS DONE DIRT CHEEP wech made mom laff so she took pitcher of teh sign.

In fact that booth had teh only sentement of teh whole dog end of things that I agreed with!

There was also other animals, like ferrets and lizards and gerbils and even RATZ!


Never feer there was cool cat stuff there as well and also, includen CARMA (Cat Rescue Maritimes), and my purrsonal favourit,

Teh Chickadee CAT CLUB! they are a local club for kitty owners and my momanddad stopped and talkd to them for a longtime and my mom told me that they are haven a show next yeer and guess wat? U don't have to be a pure bred kitty to be in teh show bcause there is a catagory called COMPANION ANIMAL (like I am) and COMPANION ANIMALS don't have to be teh purebred but can be showed on their helth (of wech mine is exselent if I do say so myslef) and their cuteness (of wech I have o so much) and their purrsonality (of which, do i even have 2 say?). No menshun of points for literary ackumen. So i sed CAN I GO CAN I GO CAN I GO? and mom sed well dad is skeptickal, he is teh level-heded one in teh family, but i am thinking about it maybe just thismuch if it seems like u really like it, as u are a very social cat who just loves peeple and bein teh center of atenshun. And i sed WAY COOL i has to go lern to walk in teh hi heels and how to put vaselene on my teeth and also prepare a speech about children in America and South Africa without maps. And how not haven teh maps is problem sumhow.

Anyway, there was lots andlotz of peeple there and mom sed she hoped they made a TON OF MONEY bcause the whole thing was of corse to benefit TEH FREDERICTON SPCA, who as mom putz it, "took care of my kittehs before we could".

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