October 9th, 2007

mojos ontario politiks day

Well frends teh mists of mistery are liften today thanks to a tip given to me by my mom who introduced me to Lucky teh Cat.

It seems that Lucky teh cat is runnen for politikal offise in teh upcoming elections in Ontario. Srsly! He wants to be an MPP or member of teh provinshal parliament. He has even gotten teh mainstreem media coverage as well as some web buzz.

Now that I know about Lucky teh cat and about how this eleckshun to a riding works, from reeden Lucky's website, it has become much cleerer to me what teh Quebec libruls was getten at when they started writen articles about getten me on bord teh team. Clearly they recognized i could be a star candidate just as Lucky no doubt is.

However i have to say with sum regret  that if nominated i will not accept, and if elected i will not serve. At teh moment my focus is on spenden time with my family. (My Mom sayen that sinse i don't speek no French i woodn't have a snoballs chanse in hell of getten elected anyware in Quebec has NOTHEN to do with it, my natchural carisma could overcome that little obstacle.)

However, i wishes Lucky teh very best and will be followen the results wen the polls close in Ontario tomorrow. I has even printed out an elect Lucky teh cat poster for our windo, wech peeple is given strange looks at sinse there is no election here in New Brunswick. Keep them guessen that's wat mojo always says!

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