October 11th, 2007

mojos ontario elekshon fallout day

Well it is with heavy hart and som disappointment that I report that Lucky teh cat did not win the riding of Davenport in the Ontario elekshuns yesterday. Insted some loser hooman named Tony Ruprecht, wech sounds like madeup name to me, won it.

I exprest my outrage to mom that aparently they didn't even include Lucky's numbers in the poll results! And she said "There, there, kiddo, come on now, isn't it nice that teh Libruls and teh New Democratic Party and teh Green Party all finished before the Conservatives? Why the Conservative fellow came in fourth and teh Communist guy came fifth!!1! Must be one of them birkenstok wearen green tea drinken ridings." So as usual she didn't understand my consern or its monumental importance, and I didn't know wat she was talken about period.

But then she sed "U know Mojo you shouldn't see this as a defeet because Lucky didn't get elekted, you must see it as a victory because a cat ran for public offise. Rome wasn't bilt in a day and no civil rites movement happens overnite, it happens with small steps and little victories. So why don't we open a can of sardines to celebrate that Lucky teh cat ran a great campane and hope that he does better next time?"

And I forget what she said after that because I was runnen towards teh pantry.

But maybe she has a point, about teh small steps. She certainly had a point about teh sardines.

yr friend,
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