October 12th, 2007

mojos windo day!!!1!!!

ZOMG u won't bleeve it. After waten all this time, yesterday teh guys came and put in OUR NEW WINDOS!

The rilly cool worker type guys was worken both inside and outside teh house!!!

I was strollen around supervisen and directing the operashuns and taken pictures so I cood blog about it later.

(Or possibly I was locked in teh bedroom were I would be out of harms way wile there was GIANT HOLES in side of house, and dad was taken pictures. I don't remember wich. Let's assume it was teh former.)

Anyway as I was sayen there was HUGE GIANT HOLES in teh house were teh windos was! Anything cood have jumped in, a dog or a deer or a bird coulda flown in! Or a LIZZARD! It was teh AWESOME!.

Teh guys also took off teh OLD OLD SHUTTERS wich had so many cotes of paint the paint was all cracken and stuff. And they is goin to put up teh NEW NEW SHUTTERS on teh house but they hasn't done that yet but I will show you picture when they does that.

(This is teh guy taken off teh old shutters. They was made of wood, probably original to teh house 140 yeers ago! But they was in teh hard shape mom sed and time to replase teh outer accoutrements wech bore teh ravages of sun and wind and sno and rain and time.)

Anyway, we got teh three new windos downstares now and Dad even asked special for teh panes to be divided into 4, just like teh original ones in teh house "to preserve teh period look" he sed. All I know is that teh period was one of nice wide windosills wich has been preserved for kittys to lie in windows.

yrs architecturally,
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