October 16th, 2007


Well first things first here as promised is photo of old howse with new windos and new shutterz. They is blue. That's one of my favorite colours.

Don't it look sharp? Dad is v. pleased.

However in other eye-poppin news moms frend sent her a link to show me this video of, of all things, a stoopy BIRD DANSIN his ass off!

Can you bleeve it?

Mom sed "well u have to admit mojo, for a wite bird he does have rhythm" wech sentense made no sense to me watsoever as wat difference wood his colour make? Humans say teh dumbest things sometimes. It was the stupidest thing I have ever seen except maybe for a dog video. However I had to watch it three or four times to make sure it was as dumb as I thought and not at all strangely hypnotic.

Mom sed, "O mojo u r  jealous because you don't danse as well as this bird!" and I said "I AM NOT! I would like to see that bird run upandown teh staircase at 96.4 km per hour! I would!" Cause I bet he couldn't do it. WIth his stoopy little bird legs.

Stupid bird.

yrs. not at all enviously,

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