October 18th, 2007


Anybody want to adopt a baby elephant?

Srsly, it is only $50 a year and he could use teh help.

See my dad has a friend Janis (who judgen by teh stories he tells is smarter than mom and dad and me and Veronica put together) who goes on SAFURRIES to AFRICA where all cats origenally came from. She is very brave and takes many exciten pictures of exotic animals and I think maybe once she put her hed in a lion's jaws but maybe that was somethin I saw on tv.

Anyway Janis who goes to AFRICA keeps up with the goens-on of her frends in Africa and one of her friends wrote about this amazen story of a poor little orphant elephant (an orphant just like me and Veronica and Bustser and many other cats b4 they found their onetruehome). He fell down into a hole!!!1! And couldn't get out!!!1! And teh HYENAS came and bit his trunk!!!1! (I saw teh HYENAS in teh movie Teh Gods must be Crazee, they are AWFUL! Much more bad than Veronica or Puff, Bustsers sister!)

O it was so sad!!!1!

And he mite have died but some Masai boys (that is AFRICAN boys) found him and went to a nearby rescue plase and they went and they SAVED HIM. And they named him SINYA and took him to plase for rescued elephants. Can u bleeve it? In Canada we has RESCUE SHELTERS for cats and dogs and rabbits and guinea pigs, in AFRICA they has rescue shelters for ELEPHANTS and RINOS and ANTELOPES!!!

Now they are looken for someone to ADOPT Sinya and pay for his food and stuff. And if you adopt him they will send you picture of him and stuff. And you can visit him ANY TIME you are in teh neighbourhood!

Good luck, Sinya! I hope you are ok! I have the feelin everythings goin to work out all right for you.

Yrs. zoologically,

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