November 1st, 2007

mojos MONKEY TOWN day

Hai everybody there has been some intents conversashuns goen on around here lately and sumthin is defentely up. I have been evesdroppen contributin to teh conversashun as much as possible and tonite mom came home and momanddad had happy conversashun mom has a new job in a place called MONKEY TOWN! Can u bleeve it? Does that not sound  like teh most majickal plase EVER? Who would not want to work in a plase called MONKEY TOWN? 

Jeez its almost too good to b true. Mom sed, "some changes around here, Bud, I will b away from home more than I used to b but just remember at teh end of teh day I am always ur mom and will always come home to u."

And thats all that matters.

ZOMG maybe she will bring home a MONKEY!!!!!1!!!!

yrs anticipatorily,
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    MJ Hibbert & the Validators - Good Luck in your New Job